Which Texas Counties are Open for Business?

Find out which Texas counties are open for business and which ones have chosen to reopen bars. Learn more about COVID-19 mitigation strategies and stock exchange laws.

Which Texas Counties are Open for Business?

Texas is home to many counties, some of which are open for business and some of which are not. Livestock-related activities are allowed in all counties, but other animal species may require approval from the county. The following chart provides a summary of the counties that have chosen to reopen bars. Bexar, Dallas, Harris, and Travis counties are among the largest in the state that have not opted to reopen bars.

If hospitalizations for COVID-19 in any of Texas's 22 hospital regions exceed 15% of hospital bed capacity in that region for seven consecutive days, a county judge in that region can use COVID-19 mitigation strategies. These counties have sent a letter stating that, as of the date of the letter, they are unaware that no stock laws have been passed in their county. Evidence suggests that other counties have enacted stock exchange laws for part of the county, but not for the entire county. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 130 counties across the state of Texas had chosen to allow bars to reopen, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

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