Who is Hays County Texas Named After?

John Coffee Hays was a legendary Texas Ranger captain who gave his name to Hays County Texas. Learn more about this brave man who served his country with distinction.

Who is Hays County Texas Named After?

Hays County was created on March 1, 1848 from the southern part of Travis County. Its name comes from the legendary Texas Ranger captain John “Jack Coffee Hays”. The county is named after John Coffee Hays, a Texas park ranger and Mexican-American war officer. The county was named in honor of this brave man who served his country with distinction. Hays County is located in the central area of the state.

Once the land was transferred to private ownership, the county recorded subsequent transactions, including deeds and mortgages. You can obtain copies of these land records by writing to the county clerk at the county courthouse. For more information, see Texas Land and Property. Hays County was created by an Act of the State Legislature on March 1, 1849, with a population of 387 people. It was named after Captain Jack Hays, a prominent Indian fighter and Texas park ranger.

The ethnic and racial makeup of Hays County is difficult to document accurately, but certain general features emerge from the county's census history. The city of San Marcos is located in the southeastern part of Hays County and is the county seat of 678 square miles of territory. The county offers visitors attractions such as hunting and fishing, White River water resorts, and arts and cultural activities at Texas State University and Wimberley. Everywhere he met with some former settlers who, when they were relaxed, would tell you stories of God-fearing and obedient women, such as Aunt Sookey, who lived and forged in Hays III County, in the hills. Hays County remained predominantly agricultural; nearly 90 percent of agricultural revenues in the mid-1960s came from the IIe served in the former Confeds during the Civil War; he married Louisa Ware and settled near the town of Buda, in Hays County. Merriman and Mike Sessom, original settlers and members of John Coffee Hays's Texas Rangers company, worked with the general.

Since the beginning of the century, Hays County has enjoyed a steady influx of tourists attracted by the caves, springs and spas of Wimberley and San Marcos. On March 1, 1848, the state legislature formed Hays County from the territory that was formerly part of Travis County. Although Democrat Jimmy Carter managed to win a majority there in 1976, Republican presidential candidates won Hays County in nearly every election from 1980 to 2004. In 1880, Hays County's first railroad line, built by the Great Northern International Railroad, was completed to San Marcos from Austin; it was later extended to San Antonio. Kone, whose people came to Hays when he was Bastrop, offered a small dinner to some Texas veterans. He should be known as the father of Hays County because it was largely through his influence that the county was created. But in the hearts of pioneering men and frontier women, Aunt Sookey is still alive and many men and women from Hays County are better men and women forever, ninety years after witnessing the marriage of Emma Kyle and young Ed Burleson, due to some memories of Aunt Sookey, the Dorcas of Hays.

county. Slaves were the main source of labor in the early history of the county, and blacks constituted more than a third of the county's population at the end of pre-war Texas.

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